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Salve! hic te videre Axe Dragon!

Axe Dragon(Axed Red Dragon) is the home of draconian, and the sibling site of RedNest.CN also is the official public space of undefined, which the RedNest is his professional site (including projects, technical stuff, etc.), the AxeDragon is the profile of him, and his social posts are in 'Tree Hole'.

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Dec 25, 2008

Fallere est inanitas.
Imperfectio est castratio.
Failure is futility.
Imperfection is castration.

Jun Hong NIC

Dec 25, 2023

Jun Red NIC is the mini private TLD(Top-level domain) and registry of JH.W, the jhTLD NIC system.

Bean Nuts SkyNet

Dec 25, 2023

The open cloud computing and open resource data center. for non commercial cloud computing tech sharing.


The Axe Dragon

AxeDragon refers to the natural human of JH.W (A.R.B) who on the Cyber Internet also his favorite mysterious creature which is incarnated in the figure of heraldry and in the fantasy of the Axed Dragonborn Paladin (Securis Draco Palatinus), which the ax is his favorite cold weapon.

Also, the Dragon refers to the kingpin(aka. the archetype) of Bean's Namespace Nomenclature (e.g. Bean Nuts Pinecone Dragon), and all my digital program projects are named with this nomenclature system into Nuts(Nuts Digital). Dragon is just awesome.

If you are here, you either clicked randomly, or you are curious about me, but all are welcome. So... This is my home page and other pages are available in the menu if you want to visit.

Draconian Paladin

Tota Lex est, fac quod volo. Solitudo est ultima destinatio.
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